NorthScape sound

We record so that you don’t have to.


NorthScape history

The main idea behind Northern Ambiences stretches back almost 10 years. When we were studying sound design, our school had an early hard drive based recorder which allowed for excellent 4-track recordings in the field. So from our modest professional beginnings recording ambiences with an added microphone pair for surround information was the norm.

After a while the idea of collecting a library of surround ambiences and effects for the school came about now and then. It was never organized fully and eventually we graduated and the idea was left to slumber more or less.

While working as freelancers, continually recording our material in surround and the lack of sounds from our native country in other commercial libraries was the spark that finally put NorthScape into being. The original idea grew into recording with two systems simultaneously and plans for gathering sounds from all of Scandinavia were made.

So here we are. It will be a long, lifelong, project and we have just reached the end of the beginning. Expect to see our crew at a location near you soon!