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Autumn waves

We took a daring boat trip to lake Näsi, which is one of the two lakes defining the city of Tampere. The weather conditions can change on this big lake quite quickly from "nice and calm" to "let's go home". We were lucky with the misty weather and soft wind that the lake offered to us.

We landed on some of the smaller islands and captured the sounds of the surrounding autumn nature on our hard drives. And a trip to any nature location is hardly complete without a campfire and sausages.


Provinssirock 2010

We drove some 400km north of Helsinki, to Ostrobothnia. A place where a large stone on a gravel road is considered a hill. One of Finlands oldest and most well known summer festivals, Provinssirock, was happening and we simply had to get some recording done there.

It is strange how different the crowd sounds like in the afternoon and in the evening. Well, in all honesty, a person or two might have sipped a lager or two during the day.

The area had several stages scattered around a small rapids and we found a lot of good places to record the nightless night with 40.000 people behaving in an unexplained and irrational manner.


Rollercoasters and Merrygorounds

Tampere is the largest inland city in the nordic countries. It also hosts one of the largest amusement parks in Finland. We decided to sacrifice some of our producers hard gathered funds and buy ourselves a ticket to ride.

We found many interesting soundscapes from both inside and outside. Restaurants, entrance to the park and many locations next to - and in between of - different sort of rides designed to to test the intestinal integrity of astronauts, I think.


Abandoned farmhouse

We drove through patches of forest and farmland on a gravel road in Southern Finland. Our destination was an old farmhouse that had not seen a farmer in decades. As we parked our car we were greeted by a dried up Northern pikes head, placed on a log facing the road.

The weather was hot and dry. Wind was nearly non-existent and the air was filled with the chirping of the forest birds and grasshoppers.