Questions? Anyone?

We will put together a longer list of questions about our sound library here. Feel free to send your inquiries to us.

What do you use for field recording?

The field rig consists of two main parts, the ”spider” set for the mics and housing for the recorders.

Our mic collection includes Schoeps and Sennheiser small diagram mics and a Soundfield ST350 set. The capsules used and the ”spiders” arms width, angle and lenght are decided depending on the location and experience of our staff. Occasionally we will use a DPA 5100 when space is short and for the odd sound effect, like for example inside an air duct or something similar. The only thing that doesn´t change is the ST350 which sits in the center of the spider always.

The recorders are two Sound Devices 788T´s. One recording the discrete 5.0 mics and the other the b-format from our Soundfield preamp. The whole rig is powered via V-pack battery distribution. We are always on the look out for new gear but so far this rig has proven itself very worthy for the field.



B-format has been around for decades. And will continue to do so. The flexibility it offers was the reason we decided to include it in our setup. By no means do we consider it the format to beat all the others but the options it gives the sound designer for creative endeavors is mind blowing. And to make things really easy, we have our own ambisonics utility plugin for you to use. Stay tuned for more info soon!

For further reading, a number of articles can be found on the internet. Here are a few links:





Why surround? Or stereo for that matter?

Because we really like to haul around a heavy stand full of microphones!

We have been recording surround ambiences for our projects for some time now, since our school time really. With that experience, the decision to record our commercial library in native surround was a no brainer. Even we don´t first start off with surround material on our day-to-day work projects but to always have the option, with a consisting level of quality in both technical standards and usability, can really speed up the workflow.

At the end of the day, the user will have the option to use whichever format they see fit.